To make things official, here’s the post I’ve been procrastinating about for 2016. She Said Yes! is no more. It’s been a wonderful almost-fifteen years of theatre-making and feminist exploration, but this little company that could is simply not feasible any more, and this artist needs to find ways to make a more sustainable future for herself. I simply cannot put in the volunteer hours to run this company like I was once able to, and neither can the company expand to access better funding in order to grow without the sacrifice of a creative life to one that would, in effect, be mainly administrative. As this company started as a way to create new work, I need to refocus on that goal. The machine itself has taken up so much energy and time that the creation part has been consumed, and I want desperately to get back to a place where making is the focus of my time. Thank you, sincerely, to every artist who has worked with She Said Yes! over the years, you have all taught me so much. Thank you to everyone who has come to see our shows, or taken a workshop through the company. Thank you to those playwrights who sent in work from all over the world for dramaturgical support. Onwards to new adventures in theatre, life, and creativity. If you are looking for a collaborator, I might be available!

Love, Sara



Image from stop-motion animation created by Jason Ross Sellars for Fruithead, 2013.