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A reading of new play in progress, White or Red, written by Sara Tilley. 

Featuring Kira Sheppard, Brian Marler and George Robertson. 

Dramaturgy by Robert Chafe. 

7 pm, November 1, 2017

4th floor of the Neal Building, 50 Harbour Drive, St. John's

Admission by donation. 

White or Red tells the story of three writers whose destinies become entangled, whether they like it or not. Leah is in her thirties, bisexual, and Canadian. She is coming to terms with a chronic, invisible illness that has ravaged her life. She's signed up for a writing retreat in rural Sicily, and arrives to find she is the only participant. Her host, Turner, is a gay, unwittingly misogynist ex-pat American writer in his 60’s, who was once famous. Tony is a macho, straight, unwittingly misogynist Sicilian writer in his 50’s who does odd jobs for Turner, sometimes. Themes such as national identity, homophobia, monosexism, trans- and genderqueer-phobia, sexual assault, violent crime, communication across language, chronic illness, revolution, food allergies, creation of community, altered states of consciousness, religion and art weave together to make either a very dark comedy or a tragedy with suckerpunches of clown when you least expect them. An exploration of the polarities of pleasure and pain, ecstasy and horror, what is said and what is done. 

Not suitable for children, strong language and mature subject matter.

*Please note that this venue is not fully accessible. There is an elevator to the third floor, but a set of stairs to navigate to go from there to the venue on the 4th floor. I am deeply sorry, I didn't realize this when I booked this space.

This project is supported by ArtsNL, the City of St. John's and PARC - Playwrights Atlantic Resource Centre. Space provided by Downtown Innovation: The Common Ground Study.