Well past the point when I should have posted, here’s some lovely documentation of the installation and performance project that WYRDOS made for WRECK CITY 2018 in Calgary, this past summer.

WYRDOS is Sarah Smalik, Sara Tilley and Jamie Tognazzini. During the 2 month residency, we worked in a defunct radio station recording studio, inspired by an old newspaper clipping on Charlie Chaplin’s films that we found onsite. The result was MODYRN TIMEZ, an interactive installation and performance which sees the species Charlie Chaplinus ‘happy in his comfortable cell.’ Photos by Mike Tan. The Wreck City documentary by Polina Teif includes an excerpt on WRDOS featured below. We are the third artist/collective in the film.

Fruithead video is now on Youtube!


a clown play for adults

created and performed by Sara Tilley with Mark White

Premiere production by She Said Yes! theatre company, July 2013, LSPU Hall, St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada.

Production Team:

Set, Costume and Prop Design - Sarah Smalik and Sara Tilley

Lighting Design - Renate Pohl

Sound Design - Ben Jackson

Animation Design - Jason Sellars

Puppet Design - Sara Tilley

Stage Manager - Mark White

Lighting Operator - Phil Winters

Sound/Projection Operator - Ben Jackson

Stage Crew - Mitch McGee Herritt

Production Manager - Sara Tilley


Écorchée au Combat national des livres

The French translation of Skin Room is one of five books in this year's Radio-Canada Combat national des livres! Thank you Annie Pronovost, who translated my work so sensitively and to Marchand de Feuilles for choosing to publish this work. I am deeply honoured to have my book defended by Antonine Maillet. 

« Avec son Écorchée, dans une écriture totalement libre, unique et parsemée de drôleries, Sara Tilley fait patiner son impayable héroïne du Grand Nord à Terre-Neuve, de sa préadolescence à son entrée dans l’âge adulte, avec une rare maîtrise de l’art du roman. » – Antonine Maillet

You can vote for my book (even if you can't read it in French!) here. If you are so inclined you can even vote for it once a day til May 11th, and get entered to win prizes like a trip to Prague so, hey, why not:

World Theatre Day

It is World Theatre Day! I read a play in French by Hélène Cixous today, and then I translated part of an essay about theatre that she wrote in 1984, which some of you might like to read. I am a translation newbie but I think I have the feeling right here:

"The theatre is (the) Present. It must always be present tense. That is its fate. At each moment the present bursts open. The present is a brilliant darkness. We move forward, hearts beating, not knowing what might happen. And this unpredictable thing that makes us hold our breath, that lifts us up, that takes us higher than ourselves, is life itself. In the theatre the audience knows no more than the actor before them. No one has a head start. Together, we understand nothing. Together, we hesitate. This creates a dark, shuddering, old-fashioned complicity between us. 
We feel our way forward in the dark, by listening to the sounds of History, of the heart, of the forest, by holding out our hand for someone to take hold of.  
And in the noisy dark of the theatre, even enemies draw closer, tasting or suffering the same blindness--adversaries find themselves equally moved and menaced by the unknown, they press themselves against each other, and before they begin to fight, or while they fight, they also love each other."

Hélène Cixous, essay on theatre written in 1984 #WorldTheatreDay#translation #geekingout